Is it Love?



The love I have for you s like an addiction,

Nothing will slow down this feeling even if it’s friction,

You offer me what others can’t,

They can all say they how much they love me in their rant,

But you, you aren’t like the rest,

You always do your best,

To put a smile on my face no matter the day,

After that long and fed up day I just want to lay,

On the couch with my head in your lap as your fingers go through my hair,

Talk about how much it is you that I care,

Talk about how perfect you are and how amazing you are to me,

And how I trust you with my heart so I gave you the key,

There is no other woman I need,

You were the first to know to read,

You are the reason I want the be a better person and do better,

There is millions of ways I can prove the way I feel about her,

But there is no other I want the be with,

Where all I want to do is shout on top of a cliff,

Is how much I love you and ask if I can spend my future as yours

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