Is it just me?

Walking in my neighborhood

eveyone politely respondes when I say bye

as soon as I cross the street ends the brotherhood

I know I look different, but is it just me?

My soul is breaking I do not understand

my color is different and for it Im getting banned

I did not choose this life I just want to fit in

Im not being accepted, but is it just me?

My little sister came home crying

she was called a foregin

all she knows is this place and this lenguage

but now I know, it is not just me

My dad has not commited a crime

the way he looks did, darker than white

it was enough evidence

you are guilty until proven white

I walk around I see I am different

but no one looks the same

I have lost my way trying to find myself

I actually accept that I am different

but is it just me, or is them?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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