It Hurts (for WWYC scholarship)


The pain hurts. 

It rips, it tears, it brings heartache

It is following in my own wake.

Fun at first that's what I saw,

A perfect image without flaw.

immediately I had to take

That image that soon began to flake.

However, it soon spoke and said, "FOR SHAME!"

And I believed and it turned me lame.

I became unwillingy to move,

to act, to breathe. I had no groove.

So I shook the image,

i beat it, struck it, created a grudge

then it shattered. My belief had been a mirror's game

crafted by a world that loved to see me in pain.

and I would go back and say, "It's not worth it!. Ignore its lies!

Do not become such a badgered prize!"

But oh, its too late and how the pain hurts


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