It has an end


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Bullying could have never been bound to exist but, in this world, there are all kinds of evil.

Whether it is physical, emotional or cyber bullying. It all isn't pretty. 

It all starts from the morning we lay our eyes on the clock, 7:25 a.m.

Dreading the thought of getting up from the only place you find comfort, your bed.

From the pillow where you not only sleep on but dream of the great day.

The day where the insults, pushing around and picking on you will all end.

The pillow where you not only sleep on but what became a piece of comfort,

When all the tears all come running down. 

It takes one person to bring an end to this nightmare.

The only person who dreams of the great day.

The great day where you get to walk into school without someone picking on you

Because of your name or because your personality hasn’t attracted you any friends.

You are your own hero to this nightmare, you are bigger than the bully.

Remember that.

Speak up, loud and tall, weakness is not a bad thing.

Never was.

It’s a constant reminder to everyone, we are all human.




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