it ended with a bang

It all end with a bang

It all end with a bang—more like a crash,

After then my life, felt like trash,

Because I was no longer a kid,

And it was not because of what I did,`

I mean all I did was sit and read,

I never thought I would not breathe,

And then the bang—more like a crash,

Came like a beggar chasing some cash,

Bones shattered into a million pieces,

Pain ripped away from their deepest reaches,

Who ever knew it happen in a blink of an eye,

Who ever knew, one more millimeter I could have died,

I woke up to white sheets and sterile air,

Not everyone I loved was there,

The bang—more like a crash,

Everything that was normal was burned to ash,

I felt like a robot hooked up to a machine,

I was like I was stuck in a sick dream,

That was more like a nightmare,

That is too hard for me to bear,

But I guess everything is fine,

If you don’t count the scar line,

The crash—more like a bang,

It took a way… everything.

This poem is about: 
My family


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