It Creeps


I felt its presence in the room

That leering, awkward warmth that it brings with it gives it away

The way it can't resist touching my eyes

Reaching in my throat

Wraping its long, thick, and painfully comfortable arms around my shoulders

and down my waist

Almost as if it longed to take me away

It pestered my eyes

Clawing, poking, hissing at them

Blaming them for my seperation from it

Begging them to close so we could be together

Snarling when I willed them to stay open

Wimpering when I shoved it away from me

It flies

In and out of my head

Whispering, crying, weeping

Convincing my body that we were never meant to be separated

Whining that we have already been apart for too long

It's arms grow heavier around my neck

It prods and lingers and sobs until I give in

Into the arms of Sleep and away from the plague of consiousness


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