Is it crazy to dream?

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 22:48 -- cpablos


Is it crazy to dream, 

Is it crazy to dream that we can have what we want, 

Through all our strugles and everyone's taunts, 

I can achieve my dreams but money always seems be be an issue,

In fact, by the end of the may I may need a tissue, 

at times I feel so helpless, lost and confused,

At times i may even feel abused, 

My dream of being an architect may go to waste, 

All it takes a job that I can embrace, 

My hobby of drawing might become part of my dream job, 

all i need is access of the door knob, 

I will work my way up if I have to, 

make friends with everyone in these crew, 

All i want at the end of the day, 

Is for all these problems to go away, 

Is it crazy to dream, 

that this could become a reality, 

that one day i could point and and say " I made that building" with confidentiality


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