It Covers Me

My heart sank like a rock thrown into a pond.

Chills went all over my body, as if I jumped into the cold ocean.

It went quite, like everything froze around me.

I lost thought for words, as if my mind just left.

The words “he is gone” were the only ones to remain.

People started to fall as if gravity became them.

I felt like I was trapped in a box gasping for air.

Tears began to roll down my eyes as if the sprinklers were forgotten to be turned off.

There, in front of me, a cold, lifeless body.

He looked so different than how I last remember him.

Skin as cold as ice, body tough like clay.

With no hesitation, I walk away not bearing to stand there another second.

I say my final goodbyes with dirt, a rose, tears and the words “I love you.”

Till this day, I don’t speak to anyone of this tragedy.

I reply the scene in my head as if it’s the longest movie known to man.

I shall not be my true self until the day I can understand why it would happen.

The true me, hides behind my heart ache.

The true me, doesn’t let anything hold me back.

Even though he is gone, his death has become the thing that covers the true me.


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