It confuses me

Your soul looks at me as something will not be able to see somewhere else and can not see anything
but when you're next to me,You were the reason that everything was possible for me and are the perfect perfection that I want to be.
Life asked me the meaning of perfection
and I could not find or explain it,the perfection that i know is the way in which I hope, and you make, something more of life and complicated is playing the melody with which i felt loved you someday,
the development of the meaning of love still exists,it confused me because they ever loved me, confuses me the need of beings who say they need of themselves,confuses me the tempest with which I am loving you
but even more confuses me to know that someday my feelings will have to want something or someone.

Is strong to know you love someone
and that goes slowly but fast without realizing it,
but forget me love i need to go love is not so close to forget the memories of my mind,first love that I felt that one you were, is hard to handle that you remain and will give apologies,apology first love but I need someone love, my being tells me that is tired already,
forget me first love the one who you were.


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