Is it "Because I Love You?"

Everyone's got dreams,

     their reality untold.

Everyone's got hopes,

     for what the future may hold. 

And for reasons unknown

     we keep saying 'shoot for the stars'.

But endless times falling short,

     we break apart a bit more.

We make it simple when sayin'

    that all you need is to breath.

But it's hard when the air you breathe's

     suffocating your needs. 

It's sad to see something as

     beautiful as love,

Has become the very reason 

     so many turn to drugs.

I'm tryin' to believe it's true

     that someone's made for me too.

That the joy from my dreams

     could turn into my story.

There's a stupid amount of songs 

     about true love and it's promise.

But the promise we makin' 

     seems to be the thing we keep breakin.

It's no reason we gotta say 

     until death do us part.

Cause apparently y'all forgot

     how to tresure a heart. 

Thought the way you loved me,


The way you kissed me,


The way you held me and never let go

     cause you thought you'd miss me,


But the only thing that you ever did wrong was leave me,


Love is being able to see that despite you imperfections,

                   I Want You.

That no matter how hard,

                   I Will Fight. 

Because I look to the light and say,

                   It's Worth The Night. 



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