It all begins with a

It all begins with a smooth, ringing alarm.
Anxiety, suspense, and wonder fills your heart.
Could be a lonely someone calling for someone to talk.
Or it could be a blaze that could tear you apart.

Your fast feet step on to the giant fire engine.
Hustling, bustling, and preparing yourself to help another.
These are the times you cherish, trying to get to the scene and make a difference.
And working with your team, your brothers.

Sometimes things do not go as smooth as you hope.
You regret not going fast enough, or using a certain tactic, and you feel guilty inside.
But somehow you're filled with more courage and determination,
To do better on the next ride.

That's the amazing perspective,
You just never know what you are getting yourself into.
You're risking your life to save someone elses.
Because as a firefighter, that's what you do.



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