Is it?

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 12:31 -- aysial


Is it necessary to put a beat to a word?
I mean every day I hear unnecessary words mixed together to say absolutely nothing
But this is how the little kids down the street think they can make money
Little Boy and little girl u can say much more than trill or G
Say that you will make a change for the next generation to see
All the shootings and government scandals in every ear
Makes me want to have a voice to stop all madness and fear
I mean bloodshed on every other pavement
Looks like our ancestor’s blood from enslavement
Man all the gangs is like a slap in the face to Martin Luther King
He said if you want to fight for something, fight with words rather than your fist swing
All the people that died to make this world a better place and all you can say is yes to drugs
Please tell me there are better ways we can live our lives than die young
Let me ask the question again: Is it necessary to put a beat to a word?
Words can live alone.


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well said

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