What does that even mean?


There's so much to the word,

Yet there's so little.

When the sky darkens,

The moon takes control

And after all these natural events,

That small word

Is just a feeling between twop people.

But, what is that feeling?

People say, "I love you with all my heart."

Love is not in the heart.

The heart is another natural thing.

The heart pumps blood,

Delivers oxygen through blood

Nourishes our cells.

The heart keeps us living.

Love is in the brain,

In your thoughts.

Neurons control this love, this feeling.

But how come when this love...

Spirals downhill,

Takes a wrong turn,

Becomes angry

When this love is jeoprodized,

Breathing becomes harder,

The eyes grow heavy,

Your head in pain,

My heart aching.

Love consumes you.

It becomes a part of you.

It motivates you.

You trust it

It makes you smile wide,

Makes me cry all night.

But still, there is so much more

To the word love,

But still so little.

Love is only a feeling, but the biggest feeling.

You can't shake it off

You can't forget

Good love makes you feel lighter,

It makes you feel better

It makes us happier.

But now we have "it"

what is "it?"

is IT the love?


"It" is not the love,

We established that love is just a feeling.

"It" is her.

She motivates me,

She makes me cry

She makes me laugh.

She became a part of me.


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