It’s you Mom

Mon, 05/04/2020 - 05:52 -- Darshhh

I would do everything she would ask,

Because  shes someone who has always hidden her pain with a mask,

Without seeing her my day is incomplete,

Because she’s  the reason why my heart beats .


For me she’s someone who has sacrificed everything ,

Because  she’s more powerful than a king,

For what she has done I would bend all day to touch her feet,

Because she’s the reason why my heart beats.


Sometimes she kills her wishes to complete mine,

Even when she’s sick she says  she’s fine,

From skipping her meals to make me eat,

She always gives a reason for why my heart to beat.


Whenever she sees me crying,

I see the inner her dying ,

Because  she’s  the one who feels the heat,

She’s truly the reason why my heart beats.


 The day I was born,

There was a lady who got all her smiles on,

She was the first one to take me in her hand,

And till date she has always taken my stand.

I can’t ever thank her enough,

Because she gave my heart a reason to beat.

                                                 -Darsh Parekh












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