Im used to smurks

giving smiles after tears, life goes on but the earth is spherical,it always comes back

contrary to this,time passes then it becomes the past

Personaly,my life is a journey,one prosperous step and i never look back


look back to bullshit

even though vintage is goodshit

Im into fashion,hashtag relationship

not on clothing though,im better of lowkey


Racers all start from different spots

but the speed at which you take your own race is yours for the thought

best advice is start from the bottom and the end at the top

rappers say"Life is a bitch"and i hit the nonestop now whose the best off?


Trinity,,me,myself and I

In my life im a champ,i own the winners belt

I have more to loose but still aiming for the bigger cheque

in my game im unbeatable,Einstein said "PICK A TEST"

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