Isn't SHE


they are meant for taking care of your house,

aren't they?

They are meant for taking care of your children,

aren't they?

They are only needed to take care of others,

aren't they?

Then why?

are they abused for no reasons

Then why?

are they harassed for no reasons

Then why?

are they assaulted for no reasons

They are humans,

aren't they?

They do work hard,

then why?

are they raped  for no reasons

they don't deserve this,

do they?

Then why?

does everyone think they are weak and there property

They do go through all this alone,

and still stand up the next day,

and are ready to fight the whole world against them.

She still has a job that she does for herself and her family.

All this makes her the strongest being.

She is a woman.

She is strong.

She is a hero, isn't she?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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