Isn't That Just Fortunate


Well Isn't that fortunate?

Brought into this world as another child that is "supposed" to fall victim to the system  

So I'm supposed to hang out with those who will fail and take everyone with them

Well isn't that fortunate?

But guess what I did better! and did everything to graduate high school and get into college

Only to find out I'll be in debt forever due to lack of money,siply because Fin Aid wouldn't allow it

Well isn't that fortunate?

On my last dollar sitting on my mom's back as she's takes out these loans

Maybe if Father were more of a man about things maybe Mom wouldnt do everything on her own 

Well isn't that fortunate?

So someone told me all it takes is Faith, hardwork, and consistency to make it through

So you mean there's a way out?

Well isn't that fortunate?


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