Isn't it Great

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 21:58 -- Xanthia

I see my 9 year old sister with her face glued to a tablet.
And I can't help but question technology.
It has its perks.
But is it worth it?
I see couples staring at their phones instead of each other.
Is it worth it?
I see families staring at their devices ignoring each other's presence, only to notice them when their gone.
And it's to late.
But, hey
Isn't it great?
I sit an observe as the human race loses all sight of love.
I sit an watch people with a bible in hand and then their phone wins their attention instead.
Is it really worth it?
What happened to family laughter?
What happened to couples?
Because now most would cringed if their significant other were to see their phone.
But technology is great.
What happened to sitting outside enjoying nature and taking in the pure beauty of the world?
What happened to children playing?
Because now all I hear is silence...
Because we are all to busy to realize that we are letting happiness walk right out the door.
-Harleigh Stillwell

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Our world


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