Islet of Langerhans

I wave adios

to the boat off he coast

of my little Islet of Langerhans


A silly name for an island,

but appopriate no doubt

because they've gone and they left me

what I can't live without


They left insulin of all kinds

fast acting and long

it's all that I need

to keep healthy and strong


So I've named my island

after where insulin's from

because though I can't produce it

my island has some.


Now I can run jump and think

and prepare for my stay

because an island with insuli

keeps all my fears at bay


I can eat all I want

and think all I please

when my health is in check

the rest is a breeze


So my health's what I'd take

in a little glass vial

in quiet contentmet

I'd exist on my Isle


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