Island of Misfit Characters

Yeah this ones for the nerds.

This ones for the geeks and the freaks.

This ones for the misfits who don’t give a shit about what you think!


This one is for the guys who never got a date to prom because walking up to a girl with a pokeball in hand, getting down on one knee saying “I choose you” is not romantic.

If I were that girl I would Pick a Chu! (Get it…)


This ones for the girls who love comics.

The girls who only own seven shirts, one for each day of the week.

Batman on Monday

The Flash on Tuesday

Wednesday is Green Lantern

Thursday is Iron Man

The Man of Steel on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because lets be honest, who doesn’t want to be the Man of Steel everyday?!


This ones for the K-Pop fan girls,

Tame on the outside

But bat shit insane on the inside.


This one goes out to the controller wielding,

Card deck yielding,

Pocket protector shielding youth!


The ones who believed they could fly

So jumped off the slide

Destined for the sky

But instead tried not to cry when they fell on the ground.

Don’t pretend you’ve never tried.

Hell, I was that guy.


This ones for the Bronies….

I don’t understand you but god damn do I respect whatever it is you stand for.


This ones for the people who speak in movie quotes.

*Cough cough* Sorry *Cough*

“I think I’ve got the black lung Pa,” (Zoolander?)

Who cares if anyone gets the reference?

You crack yourself up.


Speaking of speaking, this one goes out to the fluent speakers of the sexual innuendos.

Don’t try to get into my head without a condom because I’ve got a dirty mind.

Yes I laugh when the answer to a math problem is 69.


I laugh whenever the words









Are used in a sentence.

Oh come on! (that’s what she said)

Whos with me?

Because this one is for you!


This ones for the virgins.

Don’t worry its going to happen, just give it time.

The saying goes, “Nice guys finish last”.

I’m calling bullshit on that one!

You take a “Nice guy” who hasn’t seen any action in over a year,

Give him a girl,

And I guarantee he finishes in 30 seconds or less!

Last my ass.

Nice guys finish first!

Don’t ever forget that.

So this one goes out to all the rest of you not mentioned.

This one goes out to the nerds,

The losers,

The geeks,

The dorks,

The anime lovers,

Mac fan boys,

Pc gamers,

Poetry slammers,

The freaks who brave a world outside of their own virtual world.


This ones for you,

Because nice guys finish first!!


-The Island of Misfit Characters


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