My heart sunk to my feet and I don't think there's enough 

blood running through my body for me to even think. 

Like a fool, I thought I could store the memories of you hidden in a box 

locked away




inside, where no one, not even I, dare to venture.

Yet, you've marched right in to claim lost territory.

I was trying so hard to recuperate from your last invasion.

It seems like this war never stops and I'm always losing what's left of me.

You just consider me as a small island to add to your map of successful conquests,

while you will always be,

not just the planet itself,

but the entire expanse of the Universe.

Maybe someday you'll feel that way about someone.

I truly hope they feel the same towards you because if not,

the pain is like a constant stabbing.

Each strike deeper and more intense than the last.

What's most unfortunate is that it doesn't kill you.

You live with the desire to die but daydream of the past when you didn't know of such



you laugh

because that is when you finally realize that the first time you met this person,

your Universe,

was the first day of your life.

You didn't live before that. They made you exist. 

That's the conundrum of it all.

Without them you are nothing,

but you will never truly have them

because they are the Universe and

you're just a small island

trying not to








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