Wed, 04/16/2014 - 12:02 -- rothaal


Down at the ocean blue

Whorls of sea foam churn madly

Like the feelings in this beating chest

My heart trembles like a victim of anthrax poisoning viciously suffocating

She fills the sea with her kindness and I’m a captive

Of her undeniable charm.


Like a decorative bracelet, I’m a charm

Adorning her wrist as we plummet in the murky blue

A sea of fish, sharks, whales and porpoises trap us captive

And under the briny crests, hordes of tuna circle us madly

Determined to dizzy us, twirl us together in an underwater twister. Suffocating.

Discoveries we’ve made; uncovered like a sunken treasure chest


In the water standards dissipate. Freedom, relief—sea anemones bloom between the ribs in my chest.

A clownfish she is, familiarizing stinging polyps with her charm

And securing a home near my heart. These emotions are suffocating

I gaze skyward to a sight of endless aquamarine blue

Finally comprehension sparks as to why poets describe love: “madly

Passionately, powerfully.” It’s like Stockholm syndrome with love as your kidnapper, and you as the captive.


As it stands, I find I don’t mind being a captive

Of yours I would not mind being the precious treasure of your chest

The salty water fills our mouths, eyes, noses. We fall even more madly

Madly, madly in love as though under a magic’s charm

Stumbling around the ocean blue

Without oxygen we’re suffocating


Underwater we’re suffocating

The sea is a cruel prison warden, holding captive

Our lungs withering in the blue

Locks splay open on sandy floors, a freed chest

These locks linking together, a rustic sort of charm

Madly, madly, madly


We fall even more madly

It’s suffocating

Us. It’s a voodoo charm

Holding us captive

We’re held in an unbreakable chest

Slowly decomposing, merging together beneath the blue.


There’s only so far to go madly before contentedness holds you captive

There’s only so long to go without air, suffocating, before gills burst from your chest

Adaptation is a human charm. We adjust, adapt to an endless blue.


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