Ironic Nature

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 22:45 -- eliyan

The wind blows

The bird tweets

The chimes makes a ring

A heavy sigh was released


One word . . .

The word . . .



It makes me shivers

It shakes my core

I can’t sleep at night

And wake with a fright


But who cares? It’s just school

You only get homework, quizzes, and tests

It’s no big deal . . . except that it really is


Push those worries away

Let the joy sink in

Your friends will be there

Your memories will grow


What more could you want?

Am I happy? I couldn’t say.

Am I proud? I wouldn’t say.


A heavy sigh was released.

The sun has gone

And so have I

Under the covers, where I laugh and say,

“I have no idea what makes me want to celebrate.”


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