Sat, 08/15/2015 - 19:36 -- kwii

Thinking of control
Makes me quiver and upset
I mean who wants to leave a life were
Pretty much YOUR LIFE is determined
Everyone ones own aspirations,Dreams,& concepts.
You can't live for yourself.
Yet for everybody else.

It sickens me to the core
My stomach turns
I began to feel weak
Disable my tone of speech
So I just don't speak
With each
Reach and pull you take from me
Pieces togather ,your own decor..
Your own masterpiece.

Of a girl that is proper, intelligent, sweet.
Non-Sinful, well behaved, someone like the
Imaginations of girls you want to see in this world
Thus, performing all these fake structures of actions you want her to perform.

But where is space for me?

Where is that glowing trophies awarded for completing things im good at?

Sitting right at the bottom of the trashcan
With the rest of my dreams....

I will not, can not , live for you anymore.
I'll marry who I want when I want.
What am I going to college for?
Sadly, something you taught me
Then riped away with your abilities
"Live life to the fullest, and take different paths on your own".....

This poem is about: 
My family


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