It’s funny how this life go

Backwards can still be right though


Never knew how to fight until I was beaten

I was never considered smart unless I was cheatin’

Never knew love until my until my girl died

Felt defeat when I finally tried

Learn persistence when I gave up

Never knew I was empty until I got the cup

Murder follows humanity

Can a psychologist gain insainity?


Started creating after the destruction

Then destroyed before the construction

Made rules out of bad habits

Made a open road out of heavy traffic

Wanted to graduate when I dropped out

Knocked out before the first bout

Couldn’t see until I closed my eyes

Sometimes victory trails demise


Made a truth out of a bunch of lies

Finally made an Angle out of a bunch of tries

I was short but we always seen eye to eye

I was in the open but still tried to hide


Procrastination close the open gate?

But don’t good things come to those who wait?

You can’t hear and speak for those that can’t

I may not have color but I can still paint


Different species can get along better than different race

Are you mad because we’re all running at a different pace

It’s funny how people teach without even learning

(How can you be ashy when you wasn’t even burning)

I don’t see a change even after the adjourning


People find a way how to make nothing out of something

Is it possible to gain all of the chips when you don’t invest in nothing?

Can you still lose even when you know I’m trumping?

Can you still quit when you half-way into pumping?


Can we fight on leveled ground

Can we not determine love by the pound

Did you know that there was a such thing as silent sound?

When you’re a giant, does that make mountains mounds?


Does love only last a moment?

Can you call it love when you come back only for the enjoyment

 There are houses smaller than some apartments

There’s new arrivals with every department



Interrogation of the clueless

the search for red in the blueness

Can we really test the trueness

Old people have a bit of newness


Intelligence became exotic

With the new age of electronics

A giant going ionic

Can this life get anymore ironic


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