Invisible Misleader 

Oh, how I would love to speak
To all you hidden souls 
That are lost into the dark,
If my words could every touch 
The soul that is cold,
I would stand so bold even while
I am growing old,
Telling what it is I know from long ago,
The heart is free 
Yet, take the courage to follow,
Even in a world that is hollow,
The light shine on in,
Let God Jehovah for give all sins,
Oh, come to thee that seeks true love,
Oh, please never give up,
The sea is on high that caves the sky
Oh, taste the beauty of the rain that falls,
Let the teas roll down the cheeks,
Let the words that come out of your mouth 
be sweet like red wine,
never let your heart turn bitter to no one,
but if you let your heart turn to evil 
Dark Angel, will be the master over you
He will find you in darken dreams,
He will always make you scream,
‘’He is the ruler of this world,’’
He will always whisper lies into your ears,
He will always give you so much fear,
He will mislead your every step,
He will make your life a mess,
It will be a living hell 
He will be the evil keeper that will ring the bell.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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