The Invisible Girl


It is you who walks the halls

Shoulders slumped, head down, hair shielding your face

Protecting yourself from the scorn of others

Why? Why do you hide yourself from the world?

Your response is one that shatters hearts

Do you truly believe what you say?

That you are nothing to the world or those in it

That you have no meaning or reason to stand tall and proud of who you are

You compare yourself to a light bulb 

Built for a specific purpose that you wish could be fulfilled

You are the light bulb bright, shining out from inside

Your light has burnt out making you blend in with the world 

For now you are as clear as glass

You say that you are looked through like a window

Never are you approached by others

Just looked past by those around you 

You believe that there is no reason for someone to approach you 

I say stand tall, stand proud

You know what it means to overcome the tribulations of life

I say love yourself for who you truly are

Not for what others want you to be but for who you 

Truly are, beautiful both inside and out

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