See, Because of the way I look, It seems I am invisible

Unseen by the naked eye, though I try, to others this life is unlivable

Not measured by my intellect, open-mindedness, kindness or even by my class

But looked over and cast aside because of the curves of my hips, lips and the size of my ass


The size of my waist causes others to hate

Treated like I am undesirable


Because my dress size has an extra numeral

But I am human though

And should be treated as you would though


But sometimes I don’t trip

Because although you pretend not to see me


I see the person you pretend not to be

You see, while you sit around, clown and chastise


I’m the one that’s catching your girl’s eyes

Because she knows,


Just because I don’t rock the size 6,4,2’s and Zeros

Don’t mean I can’t handle her in the bed like a G though


But you know what, that’s it


I am not going to get into that cocky shit

I’m just going to be real and do me


The one you pretend not to see

But I need you to trust and believe


Invisible is one thing I will never be



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