Just like a ghost

I host a night

hold you so tight

I mean you doubt

you always there in despair

I reach out to you

you let me look invisible

so risible

can´t help it

thinking without blinking

seeimg you turns into redemption

that turns into injunction

yeah fight

that´s so right

hey homebody

you feel like nobody

craving for timesaving

you don´t see I´m not free

longing for attention

that turns into retention

locked up

like a outsider

I´m really not the provider

more the divider

Imagine you as my future

stability turns into cavity

no space

I can´t see you with a face

you fade

I can see my next glade

lost in time and memories

left behind all acessories

yeah it´s time

it feels like a crime

I know I have to wake

for God sakes

so I leave you behind

it is time for my grind

cause invisible makes me legible

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