Sat, 09/21/2013 - 03:34 -- Cedrick


One time One shot

One chance for the top

I try to give it all, everything that I have got

Seems my souls on the line

So... I take my time to shine

Taking a chance on life and will not waiste no time

Loved by few, Hated by many

Respected by those whom worked hard with me

I guess time does not stop

However things do change

I'm just trying to do it right

before I'm subject to go insane

If you could feel my pain

Then you would know my struggle

I've lost a lot of people

And that is more than a couple

Stay away from trouble

Trying to find my way

Please do not jugde me

Save that for Yahwe

I cry and I pray

I hope and I wish

I never thought life would turn out like this

I sit and I wait and I toss and I turn

But I hold it all together with the things that I have learned

Feel my words, or feel my fear

I wonder what they would say

If they could read my tears

I am scared of the dark

Because I cant see

Sometimes I wonder if my guardian angel could ever find me

I have been avoiding the blind

Training my mind

Seems all that I do is try to avoid crime

I never give up always kept trying

I still loved those that let me down

Never asked to come

I dont know when I will be leaving

All that I can say is that I am still breathing

Heart is still beating

Blood is still pumping

I heard if you cant stand the heat

Then you should get away from the oven






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