Invent love myself

Deep in the earth I felt the anxiety
with which ever step on the day the love of a woman
then left me, the frustration of my life suddenly ends of love and it was hard to believe again
whatever I believed,
perhaps for that I changed
but the love a woman then left in the desert of love,
the beauty with which you looked dried,
it broke in anywhere and then i got sick.
A world problem no longer comes to me or I will
because you left with wanting,
if you stand in front of me again i do not change
because what matters today is i.
Your attitude has me already,
I don't know if you become happiness,
or the bitterness of a moment,
I congratulate you very well
and you knew to survive with what ever I loved you.

“Come back, return”, no,
already “I refuse to let you”,
I return your kisses and what you told me someday.


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