Internal Despair

Tired and lonely she sat there
Watching the world
Oh how she longed for fresh air 
Be bold
Have no despair 
Be kind 
Be nice 
She no longer could be faithful 
Disrespectful child 
Worthy of nothing 
Useful for much 
She found no crutch 
"Lay me down 
Where I can not be found"
Then she took one last puff 
Have you no limits? 
Burn it,loose it-do what you can 
Because darling with that body
You'll surely never have a plan 
Oh for fucks sake-stop being so wild
No mother,no father
And you defiantly have no other 
Come back here as the dishes await 
Honey that's all that you'll be
Try rising from the ashes but 
Wet feet is all that you'll see 
What is money?
Oh honey what is it?
The wars that we wage?
Or the lives that are sought?
Do you fear that it'll disappear?
Oh dear honey when will you re-appear?
Was it real?
Or a internal affair?
But oh it did happen 
Leaving gruesome images-with nothing to repair.  



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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