Interesting Gems

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 17:37 -- APalko

"Well, this is interesting."

That's what people tend to say

when I talk about myself.

They claim I'm not typical,

that I'm rare, like some odd gem

you might find while on a hike.

Unlike all the other gems,

it has internal radiance,

but you can't stop looking at it.

An unexpected finding

and it won't earn attention

unless someone looks closely.

Looking at it, studying,

you might say, curiously,

"Well, this is interesting."

Being the hiker is nice,

as you can toss it away,

As the gem, life is tough.

All other gems are jealous

of its internal beauty.

Loneliness is always there,

a companion but not friend.

Not expecting anything

from friends or gems,

I entered an odd, new place,

thinking I would be ignored,

disliked, and fought yet again.

I readied myself to feel

quite, completely out of place.

However, only a few

thought in the old, jealous way.

Others were accepting, kind.

Finally, I could connect.

New friends, mature, tolerant.

They are just like me, true gems,

and they hold much respect.

As this journey continues,

my cranial gem reflects:

"Well, this is interesting."




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