Intellectual Pup

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 17:56 -- kconrow

I hope you know

That I can do more than play fetch

I’m an intelligent brain with quite the intellect

And boy oh boy do I love your cuddles

But I often wish I could help you when your troubled

I wish I could take that pain away and

Not by just licking your face

Those nights when you just laid there and talked to me

I know you thought I wasn’t listening, but hoped I would hear

I wish I could just speak words

I wish I could take away your fear

And not by guarding your belongings and those things that are dear

But by keeping you away from those who say the mean no harm

And leave then you in shambles right after you disarm

Look I know you love me and I know you care

 But I don’t think you know that my feelings are there

Waking up in the morning next to you in bed

Rolling over, sitting, sometimes playing dead

I chewed your slippers because they tasted so good

Not because I hate you

And I’m so sorry for the pain I might cause you

Because for all you know I could die tomorrow

But if I die I hope you know I really enjoyed when we played in the snow

When you bought me bandanas that strangled my neck

When you let me lick your nose and you scratched my tummy

But when you spoke my name even if it was angrily

And this is a lot to hear coming from a kanine

But its not fair for you to share your feelings

When you don’t even know mine.

I really want some kibble right now but I guess it can wait

I only have a few more things to say

 If I could bark I love you I would

Trust me I’ve tried

And if I could make you hot tea

I’d do it a million times

I just want you to know that I’m more than a slobberer

I’m a lover a fighter and a problem solver.



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