Instructions: How to Fix a Heart


Its either sudden or you feel it coming

in any case its barely ever something you want

its that someone

you still want

that first night is the hardest



rocking on the floor in the attic of my mind

don’t think, just smile, forget

drown your words with other words and a beat

slow songs pull you back in time

memories float by in hazy ecstasy’t.keep.doing.this.


please sleep…

the morning comes and muscles lock in bed

the ceiling calls,

what is it about a blank slate that can make the time disappear

scroll through old words of love

and you slip back into the dark

do stupid things just to not think

go down to the kitchen

eat half a watermelon

puke it back up

who cares?

not him.

he’s the one that matters

shh.. quiet, listen to their logic



box it away where you can’t feel it

let it collect dust in the back of your mind

don’t look back inside

all you’ll find is a broken heart

shattered pieces that you can’t fix

stay away from the boxes of the attic

go outside

find the flowers

make a new heart from the petals.


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