Institutional Thinking

Like vines we are entagled in a forever dance,

in which you know I will take the lead.

But yet- you still take over me, consume me with thoughts

that transport me to a world you know would suit me.

I ponder- what exactly do you want me to see,

that I cannot achieve in my own consciousness.

Silence now- like a newborn babe, sleep until I wake you.

Your radical images are taking overme, hendering me

from what I must achieve in my routine existence.

You are brilliant no doubt, you are what beauty means to me.

I dare not betray you like the drones they have made-

I uplift you instead, but I fear their denial will shatter you.

Come now, it is almost time, the door is within reach.

Why now? Why must you withdraw the urge you would so pestilently preach?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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