Instigators Of Hate

You covet everything I have and you suppress my ability to achieve.
Selfishness and greed will certainly devour you.
I am the same human being as you are and I have the right to life.
Do I have to die so that you can stay alive and strive?
Are we not able to live among one another in peace and unity?
Is the world not big enough for you and me to live in simultaneously?

What trouble or inconvenience have I caused you?
You despise me so much and you are conspiring to kill me,
But you call out to me for help when your back is against the wall.
Should I listen to your shameful and pitiful outcries for mercy
or should I treat you the same way you treated me?
I assist you cautiously because I am not a hater as you are.

If you succeeded in wiping out humanity, would that satisfy you?
And if you were the only ones left, where would you go from there?
What would your gross contempt for life accomplish then?
Guilt and loneliness would haunt you to death.
I would give you my pair of eyes if that could make you see truth,
But nothing is wrong with your eyes; your mind is completely blind.

You roam about needlessly in space as insane people on the roadside.
What are you looking for, another place to contaminate and destroy?
Intellectual fools, there is nothing out there for you.
You cannot reside on the moon; you will never see the possibility.
And your interest in Mars is nothing but an exercise in futility.
The earth is our home, a unique planet, a shining jewel in the universe.

You keep craving knowledge and power since the time of your origin,
But you lack wisdom, understanding and discernment.
Instigators of hate, your days are ending more quickly than you think.
Fortunately, you still have time to change your wicked plans.
Study love today and you will prosper and live forever,
But if you continue to practice war, you will reap total annihilation.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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