Instability and uncertainty in 21st Century

Humanity has made remarkable progress,

Beyond the imagination of average human being few centuries ago,

But human has become weak and unstable,

Malls and strip malls are declining,

Jobs can be outsourced anywhere in the world

Even tellers in groceries store are replaced by untiring machines  

Fatal Bombs can come from any where

Human being has touch new low

Even flying machines and vehicles has become weapons of mass destruction

Human ingenuity is turning into negativity

Highly educated doctors, engineers lie just to become rich overnight

Simple life has become complex

Kids are detaching from family and society and love to be in virtual world

Can we redefine our progress in older way?

Can we wait to become rich?

Can we detach ourselves from interactive machines?

Just go out and meet the people

Can kids in neighborhood play again till midnight?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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