Inspiring Lives


Inspiring Lives

Tis the day for our Lord is here,

Lift Him high and exalt His name, for his name is quite glorious,

He is whom I owe this abundant source of happiness to.

Awaking me on this morning, starting me up and allowing

me to create breath on a brand new day,

How I shall speak highly of His name and tell anyone I encounter

I am so glad Jesus has come to save me,


Blessing me with an abundant life,

Oh how I long for more,

Smiling while I give thanks,

As I continuously search for His greatness forevermore,


For someday I’ll look down at my feet as they led me walk into victory,

Blessing those who are less fortunate than I,

I shall not look down at them for God has never looked down on me.

Someday I’ll look down at my hands for I’ll save lives.

For I am looking to being an inspiration,

Painting vivid pictures,

Splashing a color of entity in the life of others.

-Briana Hamilton


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