To Inspire


There was once a girl who followed everyone.
She didn’t know how to lead her own life;
Always listening for the next instructions.
Hiding behind the leaders.
Offering advice only in her mind. 
But now, this is her outlet.
There is nothing wrong with whom I am.
There is something going on within my mind.
I hide what I really want to say.
I express the opposite of what I mean.
I am a girl who is afraid to be me.
Afraid of the world, and all its cruelty.
Afraid of getting to know people.
Afraid of asking for help. 
As soon as I open up, I feel it’ll all come pouring out.
All these years I’ve kept secret.
All these memories that have been on replay. 
All this hurt shoved deep down inside.
It all started with the home I was born into. 
I’ve learned to keep that quiet.
I've learned to put on a smile in public.
I’ve learned to hide who I really am.
It escalated with the way I accepted myself.
Never raising a hand to ask a question.
Never taking control of the situation.
Never believing in my ability to speak up.
I drowned in this feeling of isolation.
Feeling lost, with no one to turn to.
Confused because the people who were supposed to love me were stabbing me in the back.
Anxious to know when the next blow would come.
Feeling like every part of me was too small to matter.
Throwing away the compliments that were headed my way.
Hiding myself in the comfort of my mind.
Pretending not to notice because I was afraid no one was looking my way. 
Stuck in a crazy labyrinth with no chance of escape. 
I am not that person anymore. 
I have learned to catch myself when no one is looking.
To believe in myself.
The most important part of me is now revealed. 
I have taken the lead role in my life. 
Along the way I have found a friend, a family member, and a chance. 
A chance to be happy.
To be free, to be alive, to lead,
To inspire.
To show people that being you is the most important thing to me. To the people who love you. Because there are people, whether you have met them or not, who love you for who you are, or who you are afraid to show. You just have to have patience, hang on tight. There are 7 billion people in the world; it is no coincidence that at least one of them is waiting for you to shine. I am waiting for you to shine, to let go of the mask that you hide behind. There is no satisfaction in being alone, open up, let people see how beautiful you really are.


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