Inspiration Epidemic

So it started out small.

At first i felt clueless on what to do,

or how to do it. 

Then it came in like an epidemic.

A whole new world was strating to open up for me.

I couldn't just sit down and watch everything fall into place,

i had to take charge and work for it. 

It was sometimes fustrating, and i questioned if i was doing anything right,

but then i realized that it's better to take the risk and make mistakes,

then to not try it at all.

Im successful as ever, and my views on a lot of things has changed a lot compared to the past.

I've been more open minded to possiblilites then being doubtful of not being able to succeed.

I'm proud of the person that i've become and i wouldn't change myself for anything or anyone.

My productivity has more than doubled and my inspiration haunts me like a ghost even when i'm asleep.

Sometimes i can't even sleep.

My mind refuses to stay quiet, instead it continues to process thouights of more inspirational things. 

But i can't help it.

It's who i've become.

It's who i am.

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