There's inspiration in this new generation, 
It's God that made us see the way, 
Deep within I can tell this life was made for us,... 
This world is filled with nothing but drugs, violence and lust, 
People wonder when life will end, 
Well only the real will wonder when it will begin, 
Were reaching our breaking point, 
A new generation is coming to a climax, 
More realer than the graphics you see on Imax, 
It's more than graphics and sound, 
It's more than cocktails and loud, 
It's originality and belief, 
Once you give your all to God, 
you'll get relief, 
He done blessed you and gave you all that you need, 
But you still deceive with these lies that you feed, 
Into the society today, The world tomorrow, 
These people bring nothing but sorrow, 
But we'll take it up a new step, 
Giving everything to God until we have nothing left, 
It's Satan that were facing, 
Now that's Inspiration 


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