Inspiration comes at sunrise, peeking through the blinds.

It serenades you with its singing, chirping of all kinds.

You see it in the green trees swaying side to side.

Feel it on the touch of wind, it makes you feel alive.


Inspiration comes from smiles, those from a stranger's face.

You never knew the unknown could make you feel in place?

Inspiration lies in kindness, I'll surely sacrifice for you.

And I do this with security because I know you'll do it too.


My inspiration comes from hope, from the future of our Earth.

Inspiration is inevitable when you uncover this world's worth.

It comes from various places, it always stands its ground.

Working harder when you need it, erasing any frown.


It spreads through nightly visions, the kind that take your sleep away.

You keep them lodged in your mind to enact them the next day.

Listen to your inspiration in the nightly chirping all around.

It displays itself for you at sunset, in the colors of the clouds.


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