Day 12:  It’s 4 a.m and I’m awake, A rest is something I can’t seem to take,I sit here, alone, and in the dark, My thoughts are spinning, my mind is stark, I don’t have anyone to talk to, nobody awake at this hour, So I have no other choice than to let the memories devour, I’ve tried to not think about them, tried to not live in the past,But a vulnerable body seems to be an invitation, there was no need to ask,I let my thoughts intertwine my mind, let them hurt me, At least I am alone as I cry, at least there’s no one that can see,I could try and distract myself, watch a happy movie, act like everything is okay, But the bliss is only temporary because I know that I am hurting now, and alone until day,I hate that I can’t shut off my mind and go to sleep, And I hate the fact that insomnia has chosen it’s victim to be me.


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