• Spectator of the darker side
  • When the world wallows in slumber
  • Proclaimer of heavy shadows
  • Fractured and fallen feelings encumber 
  • I would invite sleep if I could 
  • But comforts standard rejects me
  • Blessed with the disease of unrest
  • The night requires my company 
  • Impromptu embodiment of one
  • Injects automatic assumptions 
  • Into the clear space in my mind
  • Providing answers for misconceptions 
  • Impulse of the moon itself
  • Dictate the events that's transpire
  • Both on the plane of reality around 
  • And my zone where logic lacks to inspire 
  • Footholds of sweet sanity fade 
  • Into the darkness I hold so close
  • I  flirt with the naked heavens
  • While countless others lie in comatose 
  • Endosymbiosis at its finest
  • The late evening to early morn
  • Requires my actual existence 
  • To become truly and utterly born
  • Deepest darkest desires I confess 
  • As logic is shared by only few
  • Funneling throughout my thoughts
  • Breaking past synapse to pursue
  • The twilight hours form the key
  • Fit the lock that holds continuum 
  • Fusing myself with prescribed night
  • Showdown of shadow's vacuum 
  • Solution sides with the unconscious 
  • But current minds reversed state
  • Refuse to blend towards appeal 
  • Drama draws only to deteriorate 
  • Social specters forge forward
  • Endurance from driven decent 
  • Reflection of the sun oh so dark
  • Form montage of the reagent  
  • Sleepless but not lacking desire
  • Shameless the insomniacs fate
  • Spent less all to live, love and learn
  • Speechless in nights sweet embrace 


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