The clock strikes one

I’ve come undone

Time is of no means

When my thoughts begin to tease

The clock strikes two

As the darkness takes view

My mind keeps pacing

My heart now racing

The clock strikes three

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

Seeking to slumber

But coming asunder?

The clock strikes four

I can’t take this anymore

Thoughts become hazy

Could I be going crazy?

The clock strikes five

My mind is still alive

At work like a buzzing hive

The clock strike six

Can’t this be fixed?

There must be others of my kind

People plagued by unsettled minds

The clock strikes seven

To sleep would be heaven

I can’t live out my days

Living this way

The clock strikes eight

And I’m still awake

Staring into space

I just want a little taste

The clock strikes nine

Now it’s time

To start my day

I’ll hope and pray

That sleep will find its

Way to me another day


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