Wed, 07/30/2014 - 13:03 -- ktran

Sleepless nights are spent because I think I'm going to visit you the next day.
If I could just get on the DASH and go. Go where I've intended to since school was out...
But I don't, because I'm worried about my sense of direction. Just a lost pup.

Yet the only remedy to this incessant insomnia, that causes me to sleep into mid noon, is writing.
Blind letters in complete darkness, written with great precaution and dazed care. Letters that won't be revealed since they hold far too dangerous ideas and secrets.
Only in the morning's light does my faintly illegible words seem ridiculous and insane.

Realizing that I don't play the biggest role anymore makes me believe that it's best to let nature take its course -- even if the universe is entropic.


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