Up late again and my minds getting hazy,
Should probably be worried but it really doesn't faze me.
Kinda getting used to these late nights, staring at a wall
Listening to the voices asking how long till I fall.
They never really silence, in fact it's getting worse,
What once I saw as an awesome gift, is really more a curse.
I can actually feel it you know.
The madness chipping in.
Wonder just how long before full fledged insanity begins.
It started with exhaustion, Now I don't know what it means.
Can't determine whats reality, and whats my twisted dreams.
I have to keep checking myself, to see if I'm awake.
The lines are getting blurred, almost no distinction remains
Between the hazy reality and the visions in my sleep
Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe I dug too deep.
Time for sleep, to rest my head,
Tell myself to fuck the voices, who cares what they said?
I do. Cause they're right. Maybe I'm really insane.
What else can cause such an excitement of the brain
Scrambled like eggs, and slowly harder to bear.
Maybe when it's over, I'll be too mad to care.


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