Mon, 12/05/2016 - 08:58 -- Tuckerr

If I sit still
tilt my head
to a certain degree

memories tumble

trickle down

And knock a screw free

I conjure up

A vague image

Of what you used to be

Things about you

That I forced down

The drain

Leak out

Of the files

Kept in my brain

They wash over

And remind me

What you couldn't maintain

I remember

The smirks

That you labeled smiles

My frontal lobe

Pukes up facts

About jokes in between miles

The viruses

You infected me with

Outlasted the trials

I forget to forget


Like your pros and cons

They were kings

And queens

But we were pawns

When I festered

Like trash or illness

You made me feel like bronze

One person

Doesn't make a world

But I can't delete you

When My mind

Explodes with images

I can't defeat you

You're permanent

Like a scar with a story

You're forced to include

Because I know you

Your secrets, fears, and passions

Spill from my finger tips

And onto a page

I cling to the details

And the part of you that slips

I have to pretend

To keep in touch because

We were more than touching lips


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