Insights of My Actualities


Reality is real, it always comes true,

What it means to me may be different to you.

Stare at stars, that's what I do

To question and marvel,

And contemplate life.

Oh, what wonders and mysteries does it contain!

I reiterate my curiosites just to avoid them once again.


Others don't understand my point of view.

I'm awkwardly enthusiastic,

I motivate others, rather than myself,

But I care too much about my health.

My state of mind,

My state of being,

It's not sane.

The superego dominates

And the scale tips,

To my unbalanced domain:

School, homework,

Sports, stress,

Family, friends,


I've got to hold on!


The highest point of the pyramid

Is out of my reach.

I fall back on my impetuous needs.

Fall back on my word,

That promise, that dream...

Never self-actualizes,

Never self realizes because...

I compare,

And I really don't know where

I stand.


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